Thursday, February 24, 2011

Focus groups

One way i have made little bits of extra fun money over the years is to get signed up with some research companies. I get calls a lot! They will give you a little survey over the phone and by your answers determine if you qualify for the group of people they are looking for. I every now and then qualify for one. I have participated in numerous focus groups, taste tests, and other studies.

I am not a very outgoing person, especially in a group setting. Get me one on one and i can talk your leg off, but in a group i tend to sit back and take in rather than join in unless it's a group that i feel extremely comfortable with.

Focus groups were hard for me at first. You have to talk. If you don't they will pick you out and ask you specific questions. I learned quickly it is easier to speak up that be put on the spot with the more difficult questions! Non participation just does not fly, they are paying you to participate! The money drove me to keep going to them. An hr or two for $100...who can pass that up?!

I did endless number of diaper studies...keeping bags of stinky diapers, logging info about them and hauling them in to drop off. Again, the money and free diapers, couldn't pass it up. Plus, i didn't have to talk at those!

These are just the studies i can remember doing:

*diaper studies (way too many times to count)
*toilet paper packaging
*hot pockets
*magazine advertisement
*party supplies/paper goods
*chicken sandwiches
*gift wrap
*Christmas ornaments
*drinking and driving
*taco shells
*toy study (avery had to go along and play with a toy and be observed for this one)
*paper towel print

The hardest one i ever did was the HGTV one. Everyone there was extremely green and were discussing things i didn't even understand. All i did was agree that i watched HGTV, I am not so much a green person. (don't get me wrong, i'm all for recycling) I have no idea why they picked me. It was the longest two hours of my life i think. I completely faked it. I earned every penny of that money. I think there might have been a survey error on the part of the person conducting the survey that time!

It is great money for short periods of time so if you have never tried it you ought too. John has done one and he loved it. He, unlike me loves to talk in groups. If your ok with giving your opinion (i have gotten pretty good at this over time/ i feel comfortable in these settings telling them this particular thing is horrible and i would never buy it for instance) and don't mind people filming you and watching you from behind mirrored glass this jobs for you! :) Once you get in their data base you will start getting calls!


June said...

I just got accepted to get paid $150 to be a back-up person in case the original person didn't show. Then they called me back and said it hadn't been long enough since my last one so I don't get to do it. Bummer. It was for today. Kind of glad I didn't have to drive anywhere today.

Val said...

Shoot, I need to get on board with those during our next furlough! When I was on summer break from college, I though about signing up for sleep studies in Boston. They were a few weeks long I think, but paid in the thousands!

grammaneir said...

Wish I lived closer to KC - sounds like something I'd love to do:) Good work Elisa - I know Julie & June do it too - good way to supplement the income.

Paula said...

I have never had luck with those. I have done lots of surveys but always disqualify for one reason or another. I am going to keep trying though.