Thursday, February 03, 2011

January challenge results

Our January challenge came to a close Monday night! I was oh so happy to see a month come to a close. I was sick of my treadmill! My mom and my sister were some stiff competition! At one time in the month my sister and i each admitted to each other that we were each in the 50's...that was mid- month. There was no more hinting or telling after that between us. We chatted and texted back and forth on the phone on Monday with each other while we were both walking.

I went to work Monday night and when i got home i saw everyone posting that they were done and just waiting on me. I quickly got on the treadmill for some final miles. I had originally planned to go till midnight before stopping but the fact that everyone was waiting and the fact that after a few miles i got hit with low blood sugar that spoonfuls of peanut butter and everything else i tried i just couldn't pull out of it. I decided it wasn't worth passing out on the treadmill, and trust me i was getting to that point...things were going fuzzy! So, i stopped.

I'm glad i did because i could have walked till midnight but i would have had to run almost a full marathon in that time to catch my sister June. My final January miles were 153.5! Junes were 178!! She did her miles all outside since she does not have a treadmill with some yaktraxx that her husband bought her. So if any of you think I am crazy you very well have not met the rest of my family! :)

I'm pretty confident my mom, who had lead all month and who June and i were chasing all month long could have finished strong and won but i believe pulled back and let her girls run the race right past her to the end, cause that's my mom and that's how she rolls!

So, the January race is over and a new month starts and a challenge continues. It is now on to the 2011- 1,000 mile challenge. I have got a good start on my miles for the year. Good thing, since i have taken three days off! 16 miles on Monday and i was ready for a little break, but i need to get back to it! This picture that was used for our facebook group pictures exactly how i felt on Monday night!

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Barbie said...

Wow, Elisa! You are so diligent in trying to accomplish your goal. Way to go! I am sure that, with your determination, you will reach it without a problem. Keep up the good work!