Monday, February 21, 2011

4th grade writing

This is a piece of writing that Avery did for her 4th grade writing state assessment. She had it sitting by my computer when i came home from work the other night. It made me smile. I don't ever want to lose it!

My Mom

I love my mom. My mom is special to me because of her looks, her kindness, and her family. She has layered brown hair, and her eyes are sea blue with a pinch of sparkle, and lots of style. My mom is kind to everybody because she never gives put downs to people. She also loves to make new friends all the time! She is a person who wants things to be fair to all people. My mom is married to my dad named John Seaba, and they have 4 kids named, Trey, Ethan, Raegan, and me Avery. Trey is 12, I am 10, Ethan is 5, and Raegan is 3. My mom is like a cupcake because a cupcake is so sweet, but on the other hand my mom is so sweet to people! Have you ever noticed something you love about your mom?


Val said...

oh my gosh, that is so precious!!! You must have loved reading that for the first time. =)

grammaneir said...

Amen is what I would say and you did a great job writing that Avery.
I'm glad you love your mommy so much.

Journaling My Journey said...

I don't suppose Avery has figured out something I knew a long time ago. She has an angel for a mom. Not good doctrine, but Lisa you are special and I'm so glad Avery put it into words!
Your Dad