Thursday, February 17, 2011

Paint project

John turned into a painting machine last night and got the girl's room completely done. It is amazing in a small home how when you tear apart one room the whole house get's destroyed. Raegan thought it was so cool that her bed was in our room that she built a whole house around it with "stuff"!

We only had three shirts ruined with paint :/ Mommy yelled "don't touch the wall" too many times to count, Avery asked to paint too many times to count, Daddy finally let her take after a wall for a bit.
Here is a little preview of the room. I have slowly been getting all the things back onto the walls today and it's all coming together. i will take some pictures once i'm all done but first i have a trip to make to the craft store to finish up a couple of projects.

I guess i better get back to it...

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Val said...

Great colors!!! I think little girls rooms are the most fun to paint and decorate. =)