Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project pink and brown

I have been putting off this promised project for too long and for some reason i was suddenly spur of the moment inspired today to go pick out paint. I took Avery with me and the paint lady was awesome, she let Avery do everything behind the counter. Avery loved every second of it! We took one of the girls blankets that we were trying to somewhat match. The lady offered to color match the blanket but i thought it might be too bright.

After putting a sample of the first pink color i bought on the wall i quickly decided it was not what we wanted so ran back to the store and had them color match the blanket. Amazing, i might just start color matching everything in my house to paint! It's going to be bright but i think i'm going to really like it. It's a good thing my husband is dying to paint something cause we are in full fledged project mode now. I am not even being sarcastic about him wanting to paint. He wants to paint the living room, the boys room, the bathroom...again! I told him we had to get the girls room done since i had intended on doing it last spring.
We are doing an accent wall with a 'chocolate truffle". We will see how it all comes together. I am so glad they have these cheap little paint samples or with my indecisiveness i would spend a small fortune in paint! I was pretty confident with the brown so i bought the full gallon right off with that but so glad that i didn't with the first shade of pink!

Hopefully i will be able to post the finished room by this weekend! And, since i haven't posted in kids pictures in a week here is my little Valentines "tornado" that is going to turn into an orange! She LOVES oranges and would eat them all day long. All that vitamin C and she is my only one that has gotten sick twice in the past month...go figure!


Val said...

Oooh, send Johnny over here!!! we have a bunch of walls that need painting! =)

Paula said...

If he is still itching to paint send him my way!! :)