Wednesday, February 02, 2011

School years pictures

I have been wanting to get this little project started for some time now! About a year ago i went through all the kids pictures and found a school picture from each year and put them all together somewhere safe so that i wouldn't lose them. I have NO earthly idea where that safe place is and can't find them anywhere! So today, i decided so that i could stop stressing and wondering if i still had a picture from each year i was going to find them all. They are all in different envelopes in various places in my desk but after an hour i had one for each school year for each of the kids!

The frames that i wanted from Target just happened to be clearancing out and our Target only had one left. If we hadn't just had 14 inches of snow i probably would have gone all over the city to find four...but we do have a whopping amount of snow and i wanted to stay close to home so i settled for the time being for the frames from Walmart even though i don't like them quite as much.
It felt so good to finally have all my little pictures safely in a frame! I can't even hardly believe that i will be needing to start two more of these frames in the next two years!!

I think the kids will enjoy having these to look back at someday because Trey asked me tonight if he could take his with him when he goes to college!! I told him he could have it after college!


Val said...

Those are great frames! I think the school pics collage is a great thing to have. =)

The Lanker Family said...
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