Tuesday, February 08, 2011

10 random facts of the day

1. My house is trashed!

2.Fruit spins are of no comparison to Fruit Loops and will never be purchased again!

3. I turn into a human jungle gym anytime i sit!

4. The treadmill is calling my name and i am wearing imaginary ear muffs so i don't hear it!

5. Our neighbors are being served with a subpoena. They keep stopping John and i to ask us questions about our neighbors.

6. Raegan tried climbing into bed with us last night for the 2,999th time!

7. I am shopping for a trip for John and i for our 16th anniversary in May that we were supposed to take for our 15th last year!

8. I got an awesome deal on a set of hot rollers for Avery and she is loving her curly hair!

9. Max and Ruby...Ruby and Max...right here on Nick!

10. "can i have a snack" is asked approximately 558 times a day in our house!

I said 10 but i had to add an 11th

11. The trash man finally came!! Thank goodness, after two weeks we had a massive amount of trash around here!

Number 6 can't actually be true...she hasn't even been on this earth 1,500 days yet!

Have a great day!


Val said...

Oooh, where do you want to go for your anniversary trip? I LOVE planning for a trip!

John and Elisa Seaba said...

Probably Mexico Val. We want to do an all-inclusive. I have been a bit overwhelmed "shopping"!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

You crack me up!

Little Wifey said...

That was great, Elisa! Very creative. I hope your shopping trip plans come together. Have a great week!