Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines

I will be serving all those Valentine's dates tonight at the restaurant since after being married for almost 16 years it works out better to pick up a shift on this super busy night (translated to good money night) and then go out a week later!

Everyone is well again around here. Raegan had a stomach bug for 24 hrs earlier in the week but thank goodness she didn't seem to share this with anyone else in the family!

The snow is melting away and i'm excited to get outside this week and enjoy some sunshine!!

Happy Valentines Day to my husband (who might read this in about 3 weeks) He is my best friend and does so much to help me out! He always supports me in anything i'm doing and is a super Daddy/Dad (that's for my 12 year old)!

Happy Valentines Day to my 4 special kids! I love each of you very much! (they will read this before Daddy/Dad).

Have a great V-Day, i'm going to go sneak one of my kid's chocolates from their boxes now (thanks Gramma!) :)


Sara G said...

Happy Valentine's Day! May you have a blessed night as you are working. Very special!!

grammaneir said...

You are welcome! Sorry I should have gotten you a box - should treat my kids as well as my grandkids:)