Monday, March 28, 2011

My therapy

I was in some great need of therapy this past Friday! Long story short, our van had to go to the shop last week and is in need of some major engine repair. It took 3 days just to diagnose the problem and the extent of the repair. The loongest three days ever...i am so impatient waiting especially when i am stressed about the news i might hear!

We have gone back and forth on making a decision as to what to do but have decided now to go ahead with the repair and our van will hopefully be back with us by Thursday. In the meantime we have been cramming our not so little family into John's pickup. The tight quarters have been driving me nuts but i am glad that we have it to drive as a back up vehicle.

Friday i was a basket case. I was crying at the drop of a hat and when my husband got home he said "get your running stuff on and go running" (my usual therapy) but i opted instead to go up in my attic and do some purging in my space that looked like i needed to be on an episode of "hoarders buried alive". I might be exaggerating a teensy bit but not much :)

Three hours later, 12 bags of clothes and toys, a trash cart so full it's spilling over and a back that hurt so bad i cringed every time i bent over yesterday and my attic is transformed into a semi-organized space again. It felt so good getting rid of things! I still have tubs and tubs of clothes to go through and lot's more toys to get rid of but hopefully i will do that just for fun and not when i am need of some therapy again.

Good thing trash day is tomorrow...


zocy said...
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Val said...

I love the Chanel story.... It totally flows. =)

Anyway, I think it's hysterical that de-cluttering is your therapy! I do love when I get into the rare mood of de-cluttering. It feels SO good to get rid of stuff!

grammaneir said...

Good job Elisa. Did you go run then?

Little Wifey said...

I am right with you in finding enjoyment in throwing things away! I get satisfaction out of it, also. Good job, Elisa!!!