Thursday, March 17, 2011

A few more spring break pictures

These four were so happy playing with their balloons! Right after i took the picture i reminded them to hang on tight to them or they would go bye bye...i turned around and about 2 seconds later a balloon went floating up to the tree and popped in the tree. Raegan stood there with the saddest face ever and then the wailing began!

Not 20 minutes later i heard wailing coming from the backyard. Ethan's had come off the string and floated away.

we went on a walk on Wednesday. Raegan got to walk stormy.

avery and malia on the teeter totter. we played at the park while we waited for a couple of cousins to get out of school. they have spring break a week later than us which really stinks for the kids!

we all walked to Braums and now i'm really wishing we had a braums around here after having a sherbert freeze! yuumm!! the four youngest got to ride in the wagon after they took turns walking the dog.

we snatched the opportunity to take some pictures of the cousins that were all together these past few days.

this was our kids, julie's kids and susan's kids

trey got a little ahead of himself on the being silly picture!

We stayed until bed time Wednesday night and headed back. The kids all went to sleep immediately. They woke up with the flashing blue and red lights as i got pulled over. Thankfully, i only got a warning but i did set my cruise right on 70 the rest of the trip! :)


grammaneir said...

We have had some fun times - you do such a good job keeping it all for your blog Elisa. We enjoyed your time with us and look forward to next year.

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