Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring break 2011

The kids were nervous when they went to bed last night. We were supposed to be heading to Hutchinson to spend time with grandparents and cousins and they were calling for snow to fall overnight! They were a little afraid we might not get to go and that the snow would "ruin their spring break".

We were all happy to wake up and see that the roads seemed to be fine so we were up early and off...

The snow quickly melted away (bye bye snow, don't come back till next year)

It ended up being a beautiful day and we took advantage of the beautiful weather to take a walk.

It was a walk with a mission...

The Veer cousins are collecting cans for a school project so we headed out to the country to collect some cans for them to take to school...

Besides the cans in the buckets and bags, i had in the back of my stroller...a torn up little football, a plastic american express magnet, a happy meal toy, a cuzzi...all treasures that were must keeps (at least till we got back to the vehicles).

The boys couldn't resist making their way through some "tunnels".

Ethan was having a hard time keeping up with the ambitious older kids so grandpa gave him a ride for awhile. He told grandpa while up on his shoulders..."we both have white hair grandpa!"

The little girls just got to go along for the ride which they were completely satisfied with!

We went to dinner at Freddy's tonight and then the kids started bugging Grandpa to get in the hot tub... i'm pretty sure it wasn't quite as relaxing as it usually is for grandpa soaking in the hot tub but the kids sure had fun.

So day one of spring break ends... this year we are only staying for a few days due to some dental appointments that i accidentally scheduled this week and didn't want to have to move so we are going to have to cut our visit shorter than normal but i am sure we will cram a lot into three days...

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