Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Then and now

Time flies...
but they still cuddle...
* Some updates:

I took trey in to see his regular doctor once he was over whatever bug he had and he heard the heart murmur as well and said it's what they call an "athletic murmur" so should be nothing to be concerned about. They do like to do an echo cardiogram whenever they have one, just to make sure everything is a-ok. We have that scheduled at Children's Mercy next Monday morning.

My foot hurt over spring break. I did continue to run and then it would hurt the rest of the day. But, since then has gotten much better. I can run without pain and it hasn't been bothering me after the run. I still have pain if it get's stepped on or if i stretch it a certain way. It hurts a little when i put my socks on and when i put my shoes on but then i am good...weird, i know! Crossing my fingers that the pain stays away and i can continue with my running as usual! So far i have so that makes me happy!

Tucking Ethan into bed last night i said "do i get my hug and kiss?" to which he responded with "anything for you my princess!"

I love Spring! Everything about spring except for allergies which are kicking the girl's and their daddy's patuties right now!


Val said...

Praying for your foot and for Trey's ECG!!!
That's such a cute story about Ethan. He's an adorable little man. =)

Elisa Seaba said...

Thanks Val! We really appreciate it!

Marilee We Roll Along said...

Elisa, I always love your photos and your journaling comments. Hope your foot is better. Believe you are wise to have the echo done for Trey.

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