Friday, March 18, 2011

Our patience tester

Be forewarned: i use the word poop in this post...There could not possibly be a more appropriate piece of clothing for our little affectionately named "tornado"! She has accidents...messy accidents...she tries to clean up and then she brings her messy underpants all nicely folded up with a surprise in them and hands them to me announcing "i pooped my pants!"'s been a rough week, we have had numerous accidents along with numerous attempts at cleaning up herself which makes for a disaster in the bathroom and ends with an immediate bath and the need for all towels in the bathroom to be washed and often time the use of a plunger!

Edited to add: the following was with paint not with poop...when i reread that i thought i should clarify :)

Tonight she painted. Along with the little ceramic house, the entire kitchen counter. Daddy got to clean that one up! Going to work is sometimes a little getaway...a little relaxation for me! But, we love our little "tornado"...more than i can say!


Little Wifey said...

She may make messes, and she might be a tornado, but she is the CUTEST mess-maker & tornado!!!! If tornado's were like her, I probably wouldn't be so scared of them :)

John and Melanie said...

Does this shirt come in blue? Because I need one!

Elisa Seaba said...

That's funny Melanie, we need to find one for Hudson! :)

zocy said...
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