Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Spring switchover

Each year at tax time i budget a chunk of money for our families clothing allowance to get the kids ready for the next season. I then love seeing how far i can stretch that money and how much i can get with it. I buy a LOT second hand (this time of year i frequent Children's Orchard even more than normal!), i take advantage of Old Navy's stock up sale (they have lots of things for $4 right now). The boys are so much easier (and cheaper) to buy for than the girls. Their spring/summer wardrobe consists of t-shirts and shorts. Soo much more to buy for the girls...

Avery went with me last night to help pick out some of her things. She picked out two matching flip flops for her and her little sister. I thought that was sweet and Raegan thought it was the coolest thing ever! I asked Trey the other day if he wanted to go with me to pick some of his clothes and he responded with "no, i don't want to go shopping...you know what i like" typical boy!

At 8:30 last night i decided to clean out the girls' closet. Not my smartest move ever but when i get on a mission...i gotta get it done! Their closet has been ridiculous! Crammed so tight (we do have small closets and two sharing each one) i was hanging things sideways off of other hangers...ridiculous messy!

This was Avery's pile of clothes that don't fit...i didn't even take winter things out yet!

Raegan's pile was about twice this but i did take a lot of winter out of hers.

Raegan took the opportunity of finding all the clothes she loves and showing her style. I am on the hunt for lots of skirts for this little girl this year. She loves to wear skirts, that's all she wants to wear.

I was sorting away when i hear"i hanna tanna" and turned around and she was walking around with this wig on. Crazy girls, it was past their bedtime!

Here is an after picture of their closet so you can imagine what it looked like before! I should have taken a before picture! All it takes to get me in a cleaning organizing mood is to watch the show "Hoarders". i can't clean or organize enough after watching that show!

Our attic is next. It is our catch all. Bags and bags and tubs and tubs of clothes in addition to all the remaining baby things i haven't sold at garage sales...it's all gotta go! I probably just need to watch a "Hoarders" marathon and that will inspire me one of these days!


The Lanker Family said...

I will come help with the attic! And while I am at it I can just shop at the Seaba house!! :)

June said...

Maggie just cleaned out her clothes today and she has outgrown pretty much everything. I have a huge pile of clothes that she stacked up for me to do something with.

Raegan looks pretty grown up in that one picture. Goodness.

Katie said...

I'm totally impressed you started your spring cleaning so early. Way to go!

I can't get over how big those girls are getting. There adorable!