Saturday, March 12, 2011

Uncooperative foot

It started out as just me thinking i had tied my shoe too tight for a run (i have done that too many times to count). Where the top of your foot feels a little sore. Three or so weeks later and the top of my foot still very sore and seeming to get more sore over time i'm starting to think this might not just be a case of the tie your shoe too tight problem. From all research i've done online (and my husband thinking it as well) i'm afraid i may have a metatarsal stress fracture. I HOPE i am wrong and quite honestly don't want to go to the dr cause i am afraid of what they will tell me - you need to stay off of it for 6 weeks...cause i don't want to, i want to keep on with my training...but i also don't want to end up with something much worse so i will probably go to the dr this next week and get it checked out.

The weird thing is that it doesn't hurt me when i run! I did notice today i might be favoring that foot a little when running so maybe it's bothering me a little and i've just gotten used to it while know thinking it's bruised from tying the shoe too tight. I know this (favoring it) can throw off everything and cause all kind of injuries and i don't want to do that...stink! After my 4 mile run today it had been bothering me a little just walking throughout the day but nothing too major.

John made me sit down and ice it today. I am heading out of town this next week for spring break and so i am battling to run or not to run till i get back in town to get it checked! I love running when i go back home, back to my old stomping grounds where i logged miles upon miles...

This is really going to throw a wrench in my summer race planning if it is a stress fracture! I already made my husband promise he would get me a gym membership so i could go and water run (i have had to do that before!) if i do have to take time off! Of course he agreed :) thing i have learned the last few kids step on my feet all the flippin time! I guess that is just part of life as a jungle gym (bout send me through the roof, i tell ya!)


June said...

Sounds exactly like my foot. Ever since I twisted my foot it hurts right where I tie my shoe. It doesn't bother me too much when I run but hurts when any pressure gets put on it. When I sit indian style it kills me. I didn't go to the doctor for the same reason. Figured they would tell me not to run. Yeah, right. :)Hope it heals quick for ya.

A Family of Love said...

Hope it is nothing serious and that it heals quickly!