Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Look who is 37

Johnny got to celebrate his birthday by working a 13 hr day today. The kids all had cards made for him and stuck on the front door when he got home. We went out for dinner and when we got home Ethan had the paddle in hand waiting to give daddy his 37 spankings and a pinch (which i gave and will pay for dearly come August). No, we don't use the paddle when we give the kids their "birthday spankings" but ethan thought he needed the paddle i guess.

Happy #37 Johnny! You are an awesome daddy, a wonderful husband and the kids and i appreciate everything that you do for us! Your sense of humor keeps the mood light in our house and yet you take things that need to be taken seriously serious. I appreciate and am very thankful for your desire to be a godly father and husband.

And now i will sit back and enjoy the next four months that i get to be "a year younger" than you! Happy Birthday old man! ;)

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