Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trey's party

Well, i was procrastinating and that turned around and bit me! Raegan managed to erase all of the pictures on my camera before i uploaded the pictures from Trey's birthday party last Friday.

I am not angry, i am not angry...ok, i'm angry/frustrated/sad.

We were able to go out to Elm Grove's gym with cousins and friends and about 20 nerf guns of all kinds and have nerf gun wars, basketball games, kickball and food.

He got action figures, a b b gun, a gigantic nerf gun that shoots mom at lightning speed and some other neat little gadgets that 12 year old boys find intriguing.

I'm sorry i lost your pictures Trey. I had some great shots of you and your buddies! I'm not too sad about no picture of the pathetic looking cake though with the number twelve drawn in green decorators icing that i did with my finger because i didn't have a decorator's tip :)

One party more to go this month. What on earth were we thinking having two babies in the month of January??


Val said...

Oh no! Maybe you can scrounge up pics from family and friends who were there?

I know what you mean about close birthdays being a lot of work! If I had had just at least one baby in the spring, birthday's would be a little easier and a little more fun! =)

June said...

just google "recovering erased pictures from sd card" You will be encouraged. Hopefully you can get them back.

grammaneir said...

Sorry Elise - hope what June says works.