Sunday, January 23, 2011

Deep breaths

It has been one of those weeks, not a bad one but just a hectic, take a deep breath and dive in type of weeks. Ethan got sick first with flu like symptoms...high fever, horrible cough. He is doing fine now, just a lingering cough.

John was off work on Thursday and threw his back out while shoveling the driveway. He finally went to the urgent care on Friday night and they gave him some steroids and some pain meds so he has been able to move around a little better.

I started making an online photo book the other night because there was an offer for a free book. Either everyone on the other side of the world was making one as well or my computer was bogged down but it took me till 3am...well, i gave up at 3am when the computer froze. I finally finished it Saturday morning. Raegan had been starting to cough on Friday and i could tell she was coming down with something and at 4 am on Sat after i had just gone to bed an hour before she came in sounding horrible! She had the barky sounding cough and every time she took a breath it sounded horrible. I pulled her in bed with me but you can imagine how good that sleep was from 4 to 7 when we finally got up. We spent over 3 hours in urgent care on Sat. She has croup. They gave her a dose of steroid that should help for 4 to 5 days. She has pepped up a lot more and does not have a high fever this morning, though you wouldn't really be able to tell that with this pathetic little youngest two's favorite place to be while they have been sick is right on my pillow with my will be a miracle if i don't end up sick...

I am down to the last week and half of our January challenge. My mom is leading the pack or at least i think so. My sister June and my brother in law Greg i am a bit suspicious of, not really sure where they are at. I'm sure it will be a tight race at the end. I will add my miles to my log after midnight on Feb 1st. and then i will add a new log for our yearly goal of 1,000 miles in 2011. Trey is going for 500 and Avery is going for 250. My dad has put up an incentive for each of those distances so that the kids can all be involved too but not do more than what is healthy for them at their ages.

We each are also trying to read through the Bible this year. Trey and Avery are doing really well. I am proud of them. They have already had lots of questions like "why did people live so long in the Bible?" and "what is begat?" John is doing his with the chronological version, the kids and i are just doing beginning to end.

And, 10 years ago today i was once again preparing for a very special trip to the hospital the next morning...


June said...

Yeah, I am getting lots of questions, too. The last few questions have been "Why are the men in the Bible having babies with more than one women?" and "What does circumcision mean?" You know, questions like that. Very fun. :)

Michelle said...

Poor little thing. She just looks miserable!
I hope she is feeling better soon.
And that she sleeps soon for your sake!