Sunday, January 30, 2011

Party at the rink

Avery and her friends partied at the skating rink on Saturday. I decided i like parties where there was no set up, no clean up...just go and enjoy the party!

Avery and her cake. She doesn't like cake, she hates frosting...she wanted brownies. Brownies was not an option of the party packages...

she ate anything that wasn't touching the frosting. She is just like her dad, she didn't get this from me!
the girls

Avery was given a beautiful tea set from Grandma Seaba. She was very surprised and was talking to me on the way home about how she would give it to her daughter someday on her 10th birthday. We have hid it away in safety for the time being in safety from our "tiny tornado"

i love the gift huddle everytime, so fun!

She had a fun day, and that concludes our January of birthdays...

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