Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy snow day

Today was our first snow day of the season! I was anxiously waiting to see our school district run across the bottom of the television. I tried to tease Trey and Avery and tell them mommy had overslept and we were late (trey despises being late to anything) but they didn't go for it. Trey's response was "what? we have to go to school in this weather? nu-uh!" Avery just grinned and yawned and curled back under the covers like she knew mommy was full of bologna. I think she must have already looked out the window!

Daddy got the day off as well, at least all but a few hours so we spent a lot of the day de -cluttering the kids rooms. The boys room was in desperate need of it! Seriously, tell me i am not the only mom that has to pull a zillion things out from under beds almost daily. For some reason an under the bed mess is enough to drive me crazy! And for some reason, my youngest three like to stuff everything under their beds! They start groaning when i start making the middle of the room pile!

They have already canceled school for tomorrow so we are going to have another lazy day, yay! maybe i will tackle my coat closet aka (catch all and store all) tomorrow, ha! oh and play in the snow some more!

i sent my hubby to the store today to stock up on batteries because every toy, electronic devise, camera, and remote is needing new batteries and one important thing on his list was a 2 liter...who can have snow without this? For dinner tonight was spaghetti and coke snow slushies!

Happy snow days everyone!

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Katie Manthe said...

Genius idea on the snow slushes. I'm on my way to try one right now. I can't believe I never thought of that!