Thursday, January 27, 2011

A favorite

I have always raved about one of my favorite meals from when i was younger. The restaurant that i worked at in high school had the best teriyaki chicken ever! I loove teriyaki chicken! We have made it before without the rice and one of my new favorites...pineapple! (i can't get enough of pineapple these days)

I'm so happy that my husband loves to cook. It really works out nicely since it is not on my list of love to do!

Lat night i took the kids to their church activities, we normally have small group but are on a little break so when i got home i came in to this...

Delicious was the word of the night! After feeling great about the healthy dinner i later went to sonic to get us a treat and threw healthy right out the window! Oh well, they canceled each other out.

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