Wednesday, January 05, 2011

January challenge

I have been very unmotivated and lazy since my half marathon in October! I have continued to eat like i eat while training so i've gained my winter time 10! Sooo, i was excited when i got a message the other night after work that my sister had created a facebook group and we were going to have a month long "Neir challenge"! I needed something to get me motivated cause spring time runs are right around the corner! There are 8 of us in the challenge and the winner is the one with the most logged miles either walking or running by Feb 1st 12:01 am! We are each putting in 10 bucks to the winner to add some extra motivation!

The kids decided this sounded like so much fun that they wanted to do it too so they started their own group and about 8 of them are logging their miles as well. They are each putting in a dollar to the winner

I don't know what is making me more tired, the running and walking i'm doing, or trying to referree the treadmill usage and whos turn it is and having to be right there while Ethan is on it. Trey has logged 9 miles, Avery 7 and half and Ethan has 3. They are plugging right along! My miles will remain secret for the time being :) I will say i am tired but i am trying to be careful to not overdue it...the last thing i need is an injury, i have a few half marathons i'm wanting to run this year!

I finally, after a lot of begging let Raegan on the treadmill going very slowly and left Avery for a few minutes to keep an eye on her. This is how i found them when i came back in. Avery was being her "agent" she said. Crazy girls, i think i need a little of this treatment when i run...ha! :)

Well i'm off to go for a walk...kidding! That was earlier, Johnny, Avery and i walked to Mcdonalds and back to rent a movie from redbox...i'm now going to go crash in the recliner and watch it. I'm done with my miles for the day. Done!

I added a log over on the right side of my blog with the miles that the kids run/walk and will update it daily if you want to see how they are doing throughout the month. If you want to leave a comment to cheer them on i will pass that along to them as well! :)

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