Friday, January 07, 2011

Raeganism for the day

Raegan (pushing on my tummy) " you have a baby in your tummy mommy"

me- "no, mommy doesn't have a baby in my tummy"

Raegan- "yes you do, why is it like that?"

me- "mommy's tummy is just a little pudgy"

Raegan- "noo, you have a baby in your tummy(acting like she's sure i'm teasing her)"

me "nope honey, no baby in my tummy"

Raegan- "did you eat your plate??" if only you could have heard the tone she used...


The Lanker Family said...

This is so funny!!!!

Barbie said...

Too cute, Elisa! Thanks for sharing that with us. Also, I LOVE your new family picture!

I miss our chats at church.You've been such an encouragement to me.

grammaneir said...

Me too Elisa - love the picture. And Raegan keeps you guessin - well, not really - she says it like she sees it - what a girl. Love you all!