Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy new year!

We went to to my parent's last Wednesday to spend a few days. The kids were excited to spend some time with cousins that were also still in town in addition to the ones that live there! We spent New year's eve at the my sister and brother in law's. They had a ton of food...

and the wii, "just dance 2" which provided all the entertainment we needed! I decided our family needs to get a wii, so we can learn to dance, who needs dance lessons?? I still have the song "it's raining men" running through my head!

these girls danced all night long even when they weren't holding the controllers

notice what raegan is holding...she danced with the tv remote all night and was perfectly satisfied

ethan would get very upset when he would get behind in points from the "duehring dancers", i swear they must have a dance class incorporated into their home school...no one could beat ANY of them...anyway, ethan welcomed daddy's help!

the guys were hilarious, i think this might have been their russian dance

happy new year

5 minutes before the new year, i have a picture exactly like this from last year...he just can't make it...

so i woke him up, it wasn't easy! and in the end it wasn't a fantastic idea because after this picture he bawled his head off. he didn't shoot the confetti off in time with the other kids and he was inconsolable, so next year i think i will let the little man sleep!

confetti poppers while watching the ball drop

Happy New Year 2011! Here is to a great year!


June said...

"Duehring Dancers" ha!

Fun night! Good pictures. Glad you don't have pictures of us dancing. :)

Val said...

My kids (and I) LOVE "Just Dance." It cracks me up to watch them, even Deacon!

How fun to be around so many cousins for New Years!