Friday, January 14, 2011

Running goals for the year

If you know me you know i'm very much a goal setter, list maker type of person! So, when thinking about my fitness goals for the year, what better way than to write them/ type them down so that i can check them off...or not depending on if i meet the goals or not as the year goes by.

*1,000 mile challenge: my parents have a goal at walking/running 1,000 miles this year! He challenged any of us to join them. So, i will be logging my miles ran/walked with a goal of 1,000 logged miles by 2012! I only hope that i can be as motivated and physically fit as my parents are when i am their age, i think it's awesome! I'm hoping we can all do a race together this next spring/summer/fall running season!

I have some times i want to beat...go figure. hopefully this year will bring me some new pr's...we shall see.

My goal race times:

*1 mile- I have only one shot at this since there is only one 1-mile race that i am aware of. My time to beat- 6:32

*5k- time to beat 22:17- plenty of shots available to try to get this

*10k- time to beat 50 min.- plenty of shots available to get this one too, preferable not 100 degrees like it was last summer during the only 10 k i ran!

*half-marathon- time to beat 1:57:05- i have 3 shots at this as i have 3 half marathons planned

So...that gives me lots to work towards...cmon spring!! I'm ready to get outside and run!!


Val said...

Great goals! I look forward to your check-off posts. =) Have you ever run a marathon??

John and Elisa Seaba said...

I have done one marathon...way back pre-kids. It took me 4:18 so someday i do want to tackle beating that time too...maybe another year, not feeling motivated enough to do a full this year. :)

Journaling My Journey said...

I like your blog. I hope we can stay well and accident free to make the goal. So far,so good.

grammaneir said...

Good planning Elisa! You were the one that loved to run in your growing up years - keep up the good work! Several of my girls inspired me to keep running now so I'm like your Dad - pray we can stay well and accident free.

June said...

Awesome goals. Let's see. Here are my times to beat. Just a little slower than you. :)

1 mile - 8:57 -never tried for a record in a 1 mile run. I will have to do that.

5K - 28 minutes

10K - 58 minutes

half - 2:14

Bring on the races. :)

John and Elisa Seaba said...

June, you will have to do the Mass St mile with me this year so you have a mile pr :) it's really fun and over a whole lot quicker than a half marathon ;)