Monday, February 01, 2010


Now that's an original title for my post, i'm feeling mighty creative this morning :) It actually has been a great morning. My school kids did great at getting up. Avery only had to be threatened with "if she didn't get out of bed she would be staying in bed the entire rest of the day and not going to school" it was said in a very loving way though, no harshness (cause remember i am NEVER harsh or impatient with my kids...ever) , no crying by her...and it worked, she was up and at em in no time. No fighting this morning, wow, really great morning! Raegan didn't even cry when i pulled her sleeping little self out of bed.

I was NOT hollering "you have 2 minutes to be in the van before we are going to be late" this morning! We even pulled up to school with a few minutes to spare! I remembered whose turn it was to pray....we had prayer without any fighting during the prayer!

I caught 4 imaginary crabby patties that were flung to me from my four year old back seat crabby patty maker...oh and i i ate them too, and they were delicious!

Ethan informed me that "he promised Trey he wouldn't play his nintendo ds game today. We came home and Ethan promptly did not keep that promise. He is loving nintendo games, playstation games and computer games right now. The only problem with this is that he get's stuck with the playstation games and mommy has no earthly idea how to play them, or help him whatsoever so he get's a bit frustrated. Maybe i should take a little crash course with Johnny on "playstation for dummies"

I'm going on night 5 in a row of working and am itching for a night off (tomorrow...yaay!!)

Have a great Monday! Have a crabby patty or two, if you don't have someone to toss you one, i'm sure Ethan would be happy to help out!

this is how i found Ethan last night when i came home from work. he had obviously played till he fell asleep.

my boy-the promise keeper


Gwen said...

I LOVE the throwing of the crabby patties... I will definitely be using that one in my mommy-ism's in the future!!

Hannah montana games said...

Wow, you do have a really lovely family. Congratulations on that!