Friday, February 12, 2010

The light

Finally! The last car pulled out of the parking lot, it was just me and my grandpa. It was Sunday night after church around 9:00 and my grandpa and i were still there. We were in his office paying bills. When the last bill was paid we walked around locking doors and turning off lights.

Then we headed for the back door where my grandpa's truck was. We started the truck and drove a little ways, when alight was still on in a little room,we parked in front of the church. I went inside to turn that light off. It was pitch black and a chill ran down my spine like water. I took a few quiet steps and then started running.

I was so scared! I finally reached the room the light was on. I put the switch down and the light went off. I slammed the door behind me and started running again. This time i felt like something was chasing me. I was still running when, boom! I hit something i looked and gave a sigh of relief. Was just a table. I got up and ran faster than i've ever ran before. Finally i saw the door i entered in.

I started sprinting faster, went outside shut the door and walked fast to get in my grandpa's truck. My grandpa asked if i got the light turned off i said yes. My heart was pumping like it was too small for my body. We drove and stopped at a stop sign. I turned around and the light was still on i was really freaked out. I didn't tell my grandpa because i thought he would make me go back in the church and turn the light off. I didn't know what happened, but now my brain says never to go in a church at 9:00 on a Sunday night in the country by yourself with one light in a little room never!!

This was Trey's story he wrote for his 5th grade district assessment in writing. He got 5 out of 5 points that he could have gotten! His teacher was very proud of him! He loves writing and recently wrote a 9 page story.


The Lanker Family said...

Tell him he did awesome! The whole time I was reading it I was trying to figure out when you were with grandpa alone and at what church. :)

Journaling My Journey said...

You also boggled my mind until I learned it was Trey's story. Good job Trey!

grammaneir said...
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grammaneir said...

That is great Trey. I was feeling your anxiousness as I was reading and you did such a good job expressing yourself. Would love to ready your 9 page story sometime.

Barbie Wilson said...

What a great story! Great job, Trey.