Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Chopping time

Raegan's hair has been driving us crazy! She hates getting it washed, she hates getting it combed and she hates sitting still. The combination of those three and the fact that she has only had one little trim to even things up when her hair was growing back in after she scratched it all out made for a desperate need of a good trim of a few inches.

she was ultra thrilled with the idea of a haircut!

she cried through the whole thing. thank goodness jini is quick!
still not completely thrilled but daddy looks extra happy!
when we got home she didn't want to show her hair but thought you might like to see her tonsils
at long last...i caught a smile. i can't wait to comb through a few inches less of hair tomorrow!


grammaneir said...

Oh, Raegan, your hair looks so pretty and your smile is cute when it's all over. You are a sweetie!

Journaling My Journey said...

Raegan will enjoy that blog someday.

Joni said...

Jini has had lots of practice on her own niece and nephew. lol