Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Nope, i am not pregnant! But when i was, i had some major cravings. Each pregnancy was different.

So, let's start with my first...i have always loved pickles but not quite like i loved them with my pregnancy with Trey. I ate almost an entire jar at one sitting. I know, so gross...kinda makes me sick just thinking about it. I couldn't get enough of pickles throughout my pregnancy, though i never again got carried away quite like i did that day!
Then there was my second pregnancy... my body did a 180 and wanted ice cream. Lot's and lot's of ice cream. Any kind of ice cream, any time of day. There is a reason i gained 40 lbs people! This picture is an ice cream lovers dream!

Then there was my third (full pregnancy) pregnancy. I wanted some leafy after day after day...smothered of course in ranch dressing, mmm sounds really good right about now!

And then came my fourth pregnancy. Enough with the body was now craving spicy! Working at Chilis did not help me out in this area because i think i ate wings just about every shift i worked. I had heartburn, i knew i would pay for it but just didn't care...they were soo good! And again smothered in ranch dressing!

No more pregnancies, no more excuses. Can't blame it on the hormones anymore. My weakness these days is chips and salsa...i just can't get enough. I could inhale it. Again, working at Chilis is not helping me with my chip habit. I bring them home from work and you should see my family. We all inhale them like we haven't seen food in days.

So there you have it. Silly post i know, but kind of fun. So what did you crave when you were pregnant?? Or what do you crave even when not pregnant?? Join on in and share...


June said...

salads, subway sandwiches, and fettuccine alfredo with my first few pregnancies...chips/salsa and hot wings with my last few pregnancies.

I still crave chips and salsa and hot wings and I blame it on hormones.

June said...

Oh my goodness, I forgot about the milk craving. This is something I had never experienced...with Micah I would wake up in the middle of the night and go drink a big cup of milk. What in the world was that all about??? Maybe that is why he was 9 and a half pounds.

John and Elisa Seaba said...

that's funny june, i remember you saying that about the milk! yea that might have had something to do with the nine and half pounds ;) and yes i guess i could still blame some on hormones :)

Val said...

You're the first person I know who has actually experienced the "pickles n' ice cream" craving! Cool.

Mmmmmm....with Mackenzie, it was french fries. With all three I craved PB&J...and ice cream...but that's all the time, not just pregnancy.

I was telling my preggo friend today how great it feels to satisfy a pregnancy craving! So good!

I don't remember my cravings as well as aversions. First pregnancy - chicken. Second - steak. Third - guacamole. =)

Oooh, Chili's chips and salsa rule!

Paula said...

My biggest craving was peanut butter. PB sandwiches, PB on crackers, PB on apple,PB candy, YUM. I also was big on salsa but I always am.

John and Elisa Seaba said...

guacamole val?? wasn't that what you loved on your resort vaca? i think i remember a lot of talk of guac that's funny, must have been making up for lost time with the guac, repairing your love hate relationship :)

pickles was an aversion during one of mine...can't remember which, probably avery's since i over did it with my first preg :)

Gwen said...

With Garrett, I craved salt like crazy!! And lots of fruit. With this pregnancy (only 10 weeks to go!), I have craved a ton of milk (only in a frosty mug, though, thankyouverymuch). And June, I have craved it in the middle of the night too! My OB is already saying that this baby will weigh more than my 8lb 1oz first born. Oh well, we are scheduling a c-section, so bring on the chubby baby!

I am totally with you on the chips & salsa... it is like my comfort food! I could seriously eat it every single day. But I am very particular about my salsa. I have yet to find a storebought salsa I can stick with, so I just make my own. And Chili's salsa is super yummy, I have to agree with you!

Joni said...

I craved nachos and milk shakes (not together) with my first and chips and salsa with my second.

Kerry Shealy said...

Lauren: I seriously craved lemons! I HAD to have them! I would peel them like an orange and eat the pieces, or sip on lemon juice. I called Roger at work more than once to ask him to stop on his way home and buy a bag full of lemons and lemon juice. I was so sick, so it was a really strange craving. I also loved chewy sweetarts because they were sour! At the end I craved steak salads! I could handle chicken McNuggets and bean burritos from Taco Bell. I wouldn't call it a craving, but for some reason it never came back up.
Franklin: I loved salads. I had to eat a saltine with cheddar cheese before 10 am or I would be sick.
Ari: Baked potatoes. That was what I ate for breakfast lunch and dinner (when I could force myself to eat) for the first 25 weeks.
Miles: Chicken nuggets from McDonald's!!!
Ian: Chicken sandwiches from McDonald's, fresh vegetables.

And with all of them...Coke Icee's from 7-Eleven! Roger would go out late at night and get them for me, or bring one home for lunch.

And now I can't stand to eat anything sour!
Sorry this is so long...but it's a lot of kids! LOL
I had never had such strong craving for anything before. It is so weird to feel like...I HAVE TO HAVE IT NOW!!!

John and Elisa Seaba said...

Kerry, i had to giggle at the bag of lemons, thats great! :)

Journaling My Journey said...

Lisa, you are one unique kid.

grammaneir said...

You did well in remembering all those crazy cravings Elisa. Wait another 25 yrs. and the memory will dim with those things. I don't remember craving anything. I just did not want to get fat so would diet a lot and didn't gain more than 10 lbs with my first 3 pregnancies but June made me gain 15 because she was going to camp out inside until something made her come into this world. The last 2 I was back to dieting again but really don't remember craving anything but just always being hungry. I'm sure there were probably things I don't remember so it's good you are recording things now.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Fun post!

One of my pregnancies it was potatoes. Any form. Baked, mashed, fried, tater tots, whatever. I could not get enough.

One it was spicy/vinegary things like Buffalo sauce or spicy BBQ sauce, or even zesty pickles.