Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pajama night

It was pajama night at Awanas tonight and the kids were very excited to go to church in their pjs. I must say i wasn't too opposed to the idea either as i was getting dinner ready and telling them all to go get their pjs on for church! Raegan even dressed herself...though i'm glad i noticed she was diaperless before we got very far! My picture is not a great one and i obviously had something on my lense but these days i take what i can get when trying to take a picture at 9 pm of all 4 kids together since i forgot to take the picture before church.

We are having a pretty uneventful week. I am so ready for Spring, i am so ready for flip flops, i will be so happy to put away the coats...i am dying to wash and detail my van and have it actually stay clean for longer than a day.

But on the bright side, we are staying in, we are staying warm, we have coats and we have a van to drive...dirty though it may be!

Hope your having a great week!

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