Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Polly want a pocket?

Polly found a pocket. Polly didn't have a home for long though because 3 minutes after i took this picture Raegan was done with the overalls. She never has liked them. I've tried putting them on her about 5 times this winter. They were Avery's, they are so cute...Avery always wore overalls at her age. Not Raegan, she came walking out with the top down saying "dese not fit me"...so i give up on the overalls. When i put her pants on her, her reply was "dese are better mommy!" She knows what she likes, i'll give her that!


Paula said...

Abigail says the same thing about certain outfits: "It's too small." She's ok with overalls but we only have a few.

Val said...

Bella doesn't like overalls either! I pull them out every so often to see if she's changed her mind, but overalls are always a "no."