Monday, February 08, 2010

Be still

So easy to say the verse..."be still and know that I am God", another thing to live it and actually be still! So hard sometimes to let go of the reigns (that sometimes in our minds we think we hold) and sit back and trust God.

When it comes to my kids, i have a very hard time when things are out of my control and i see them hurting in any way. I am a typical mommy, i just want to make everything better. I want to make them happy. I want to solve any problem, any hurt, any fear. That unfortunately i can not do.

This minor bump in this game of life is not minor in the eyes of my 11 year old boy who will more than likely be going to a different middle school than any one else he knows next year. Our transfer request was denied and although we are meeting with a letter of appeal, we are going to try to not get our hopes up too much.

We had planned to have moved into the area where our kids school is by now but sometimes things just don't go quite like we plan and here we are still in our tiny little house that i in no way take for granted and am so thankful for, please don't get me wrong.

When i am sitting with my big boy while the tears are pouring and he is so upset he is shaking it is all i can do to keep it together.

I know he will quickly make new friends, he a funny, loveable guy! We have been through this before when he switched to public school in 2nd grade and he did great. It will just be an adjustment that we will walk him through again. He doesn't like change, i passed that along to him. I don't like change, i don't like getting out of my comfort zone...but who really does??

While i was in tears on Friday, trying to compose myself enough to talk to Trey after receiving our letter of denial i listened to the song"Still" over on the side of my blog on my playlist. Even though it just made me cry more, what a great song! God is with us, beside us, carrying us through everything. Even something as small as having to go to a new school and make new friends.

Be still...i am going to try really hard!

if you have a chance, listen to that song (you can scroll through the songs by clicking on the forward button, it is the very last song) it is my new favorite at the moment!


grammaneir said...

Trey, we will pray that God's will be done concerning where you go next year. Maybe the appeal will be effective or maybe God wants you to have a new mission field. We'll pray for God's peace in the final decision. Love you Trey!

Journaling My Journey said...

Thanks for sharing your heart once again. We will pray.

Jen said...

That is a great song with such true message. I will pray for Trey right now that the Lord's Will will be done in his life. I like what Grandma Neir said about the fact that God may have a new mission field for him. We just never know what the Lord has planned for our lives. I have been so inspired since Joel and Ginger Millermon came to our church (and we heard their story again and saw their walking miracle) that we do not understand why we have to go through some things in life, but a lot of the times it is just to simply TRUST that God is in control. When we look around and realize how much worse it could be, it usually helps at least a little bit. If it is so that he has to go to a new school, at least he is at an age where he can see his current friends by having them over to play and they are not too far away. Its much better than having to move out of state or something like that, but I know as a Mom it is SO DIFFICULT to watch our little guys in pain. :( Hopefully your appeal will bring about the results your heart desires, but if not, there is a reason. Love you guys and I will pray now and continue....