Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flood drill

This is very random but fresh in my mind...we had the giggles on the way to school this morning, i don't even know what brought it up. I think it might have been that Avery was pointing out that she had her pants rolled up...anyway...

It was Trey's third grade year. His teacher pulled an April fools joke on the kids that made me laugh and laugh and still laugh just thinking about it. Maybe i'm just easily amused, but i thought it was cute. She got a "message" that they quick needed to do a "flood drill". She had all the kids roll up their pants for this drill then they had to grab their rulers in case they needed an oar, and she had them all sitting on top of their desks. Picturing Trey and all his little buddies sitting on their desks just really amuses me.

Evidently she had some more steps to the "flood drill" but she got the giggles seeing all the kids on their desks, pants rolled up and rulers in hand wondering why on earth we now had "flood drills" and caved in and told them.

If i was a teacher i would so steal this idea for my class. How fun is that?! I would never be able to keep a straight face...i would bust out laughing at the first child rolling his pant legs up!


Barbie Wilson said...

That was great! What a creative teacher she was. I'll have to remember that idea if/when I get a chance to homeschool my future children =)

June said...

That is hilarious.