Friday, February 05, 2010

A man in our yard

The snow was perfect. It wasn't terribly cold. Avery and i headed out to build the snowman that Avery has been dying to make. I quickly learned that i am a "not-so-hot-snowman maker". one peek at my progress and Daddy quickly came to the rescue(more than likely shaking his head)...thank goodness, cause i really was doing horrible, my second part of the body was twice as big as the bottom...that just doesn't work!

Anyway, in no time at all Daddy and Avery had a snowman built. We were not prepared and didn't have a carrot and tomorrow i think we will be finding something else so the poor man can put a smile on his face!

When we got home tonight we realized that "Frosty" had a friend staring at him from across the street. We will just call his friend "Sam" they are just hanging out having the worlds longest stare off tonight.

even though i am not a huge fan of winter and or snow i have to say it was beautiful today!
thank goodness Daddy saves the day!
Avery and "Frosty"
Ethan was working so hard shoveling and carrying the snow to the front porch till i caught him and convinced him to shovel it towards the street..."OOHH, ok mommy!"


Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

Cute Frosty. I can't wait to build a snowman. Mine will probably be the same as yours. My husband will have to come to the rescue.

Val said...

Oooh, great snowman! That first pic is beautiful. Glad you got to enjoy the winter wonderland!

Marilee We Roll Along said...

Great photos and memories!

Barbie Wilson said...

great job on the snowman!