Friday, January 29, 2010

Feel the love

The love is flowing in the van each morning. This morning it went a little like this...

Ethan: "Avery is looking at me mean!"

Avery: "well, Ethan is bugging me!"

Me: "everyone, keep your eyes and hands to yourself!"

We take turns praying on the way to school. I many times lose track whose turn it is to pray. I'm sure God is so proud when they fight like cats over whose turn it is...

Me: I think it's your turn to pray Ethan (he immediately starts)

Avery: (in the middle of Ethan's prayer) HE JUST PRAYED! I HAVEN"T PRAYED ALL WEEK!" (she has!)

Ethan: "dear Jesus help Avery to stop looking at me"

Avery: "dear Jesus, help Ethan to stop bugging me!"

me: "dear Lord, my children are bugging me!"

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Paula said...

I feel the love..... :)