Friday, January 01, 2010

Second Christmas

We had Christmas with Johnny's parents and brother and family on Sunday. The kids love this little tiny addition to the family....she is pretty stinkin cute!
Uncle David and Aunt Wendy playing with Raegan
Trey and Dylan got to spend a couple of days together and were in Star Wars heaven
Avery got a bake set and so Grandma helped her whip up some mini blueberry muffins for everyone
Ethan bundled up and stayed out for a whole 5 minutes
he got his very own monkey bread making kit!!
Trey's room has been overtaken by Star Wars toys!!
no little two year old mommy can have enough babies!


Paula said...

I think Abigail would agree about never enough babies! Each babies she seems to love for a different reason, just like a real mom!! LOL

Tina... said...

Is that YOUR dog????? Cute! Love all of the Christmas pics. Looks like you all had a great holiday!