Sunday, January 24, 2010

And then she was nine

Nine years ago today on January 24th 2001, Johnny and i welcomed a pudgy 9lb 2oz baby girl to the world. She, like her older brother had a mop of dark hair on her head. We were thrilled to have a sister for our little guy. We named her Avery Michelle (Michelle being my middle name as well).

Avery has always been a bundle of energy and i am reliving her toddlerhood with Raegan right now (my girls are both very strong willed) they are so much alike.

She started walking when she was 8 months old, it didn't even look right...she was so bowlegged in the beginning, cracked us up! She was our chunker...she was a chubby little girl for the first year of her life and then slowly started thinning out. Now you would never know she was ever a chunk!

She has had pretty severe eczema from the time she was an infant. She has asthma and is allergic to most anything outside (might be axaggerating a little) and she has handled it all like a champ! Winter time is always the best season for her because she doesn't have to struggle with the discomforts quite as much as her eczema is allergy related...we are hoping one of these days Avery that you won't have to deal with your skin issues but know that mommy and daddy are proud of how you handle it!

Avery, we are so happy that you are a part of our family! We love the hugs, we love the silly giggles, we love seeing you happy and having fun with your friends. We are so proud of you and the young lady you are becoming. Happy #9 sweetie!!


Tina... said...

she is a delightful young lady and tell her we said Happy Birthday! Thanks for having Emma over...she had fun and is sportin' one of her cute clips today!

June said...

Happy Birthday, Avery. I hope you are having a happy day!

Elisa, I am pretty sure she started walking when she was 8 months. Maggie and Micah started at 10 months and I remember thinking 8 was the earliest I had ever heard of. It was hilarious to see her walk.

Barbie Wilson said...

Happy Birthday, Avery! What a sweet young lady you are.