Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy Sunday

Happy cold, cold, freezing cold, snowy, and did i mention freezing cold...Sunday! We had a great morning at church and now i am just sitting here trying to do anything to avoid going to the grocery store though i know i need's just sooo cold!! Normally i would think...i will just wait a day or two till it warms up but from watching the forecast there is no warmness in sight.

Johnny is lounging around and says he thinks he might want a snuggie, maybe he can borrow trey's Star Wars one. :)

Raegan is supposed to be taking a nap but when i just went to check on her cause she was hollering, she shushed me cause "my baby is sleeping" . My dear, MY baby needs to stop talking so she can go to sleep too!

Ethan is already sound asleep...that little guy needs to do some serious catch up on sleep...he get's very cranky without his naps which are few and far between when his older siblings are off from school.

Three more days of vacation for Trey and Avery...Avery would say"only two more nights that i get to stay up till 9 oclock"!

Enough stalling...gonna go bundle up and go to the store already!

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Don and Roberta Graber said...

It is cold, isn't it? On Wed. we are escaping and going back down where it is warm! S Texas here we come! We have enjoyed seeing you this Christmas time.