Friday, January 22, 2010

Running away

That's it mommy, i'm running away. These naps are for the birds and i just really don't have any interest in them anymore. I've tried my best at entertaining myself in my little cage...i have been slowly working at neatly ripping the border down...i jump up and down on my dora backpack and sing happy birthday??...i pull every blanket i can reach within near proximity so that my bed is nice and comfy to do anything but sleep....i take my clothes and diaper off, cause i just want to...i take the lid off my sippy cup and dump my juice just for you mommy cause i know you like cleaning...i talk to keep myself awake...but that's just not cutting it anymore...i'm breaking out...i'm cutting loose...i'm outta here!
Mommy was a little surprised the first time she caught me, the second time i think she was a tad amused, especially when she found me all decked out to run away and all...the last three times she hasn't seemed quite so happy and i keep getting a swat on my all attempts to get out of nap time...if everything else fails...just poop your pants...that's sure to get you out for a little while anyway.

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grammaneir said...

Oh Raegan, you are a sweetie! Don't you run away to far. When you get older you will wonder why you didn't rest while you could. Love you.