Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Being 8

Avery Michelle is going to be turning 9 this month but while she is still 8...

favorite food- pizza
favorite color- purple
favorite book- Babysitter's Club
when i grow up- i don't know...well, a policewoman
favorite thing about school- recess
favorite tv show- Icarly
favorite pastime- read
least favorite school subject- spelling
something important i did while i was 8- got baptized
one thing i really want to do when i'm 9- sit without a booster! (i liked this one:)

I am 58 pounds and i am right at 4 feet tall (probably plenty big to sit without a booster)

1 comment:

Little Wifey said...

Awww...Happy Birthday, Avery! That's a nice picture of you :)