Friday, January 08, 2010


making Raegan clean the big booger off that she admittedly wiped on the wall
tackle time with daddy

The natives are getting very restless...very restless! Johnny was off work yesterday so we were all home, he fixed a huge breakfast...the kids always like when he is home because they get something besides cereal, oatmeal or toaster strudels. He can make an omelet only second to my dad's! He made Ethan a giant plate sized pancake that Ethan proceeded to "mow down". We played some dominoes and then Johnny and relaxed and watched the movie "office space" and laughed our heads off.

The kids were supposed to start school yesterday but were cancelled yesterday and again today. I think they are ready to get back. I love having them home but our routine get's a little or a lot out of whack and since i am such a routine kinda gal it kinda throws me out of whack. Little ones won't nap and that REALLY throws things out of whack, and makes for some cranky, crying and naked (ok that's a whole other story, duct tape and diaper, nuff said!) kids at times.

I am itching to get out and help Avery and Trey make a kickin snowman but Johnny convinced me that yesterday was not the day to play in the snow. Hopefully we will get out their soon and get one built and you can be sure i will take a picture when we do!


Paula said...

That first pic.....ewww..... I know what you mean about the snow. I want to take Abigail out but it's too cold. Maybe next week when the temps go up.

Marilee We Roll Along said...

Great Memories, Elisa! Always enjoy your pictures--and your honesty!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Ohmyword, that first picture and explanation made me laugh out loud. Too funny!!