Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our weekend

this was our crew of boys last night that stayed the night, we caught them playing at 3 am this morning...our small house was extremely loud as the cousins had a star wars war all over the house...crazy loud and chaotic but i'm sure they all had a great time....i love watching these boys grow up together...the boys were especially excited that Trevin was able to come from Hutchinson.

As i'm typing this post i have two nurses (avery and ethan) giving me shots in my legs, having an iv hooked up in my arm and i keep getting reminded "mommy say ouch", getting my temperature taken, oh and also having surgery on my arm...i'm being told it's only going to hurt a little more....but since i can't take a picture of myself being the is the patient that was taken care of before me...

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