Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hold on tight...it's picture time!

Christmas Eve we have always let the kids open one of their gifts. Trey thought he might die before he made it to Christmas Eve! He drove us NUTS asking how much longer, how much longer...he knew what was in the package...he had the shape scoped out and had already compared at the store...
Ethan and his cousin Meryn made sure that the reindeer had plenty to eat on their stop!
Avery LOVES Webkinz...she quickly had to get to work logging her new ones in!
Christmas morning. Can you tell which one we had just pulled out of bed? ha! She was still in a bit of a daze!
my dad prepared Christmas dinner at the church. They have a HUGE table at home but not quite big enough for 40 people!
this was just a little while after Avery fainted on us while getting her plate fixed for Christmas lunch. She dropped her plate of food and then continued to give mommy a good scare for the next 5-10 minutes. The color on her face and lips i would prefer to never see again! We took her in for an appointment on Monday to see her doctor just to get her checked over. They did an ekg which was normal...a blood glucose test which was a little low...today we went in for a fasting blood chemistry profile and have not heard yet about those results. She has felt fine since so hopefully it was just a one time thing. The dr thinks it may have been blood sugar related. I am hypoglycemic, so maybe she is going to take after mommy.
all of the cousins together waiting to open presents. can you believe we had each one do one present at a time? Yes, it took awhile but well worth knowing what your kids were opening and who it was from and then being able to rescue the present into each family's pile of safe keeping.
the Christmas dinner chef was worn out!
Can you tell Avery was thrilled with her new Easy bake oven?!
My three sisters and I...Julie, June, Susan and yours truly
our first born daughters in the same order of who they belong to above
Wow, i know my mom takes a lot of pictures...it exhausts me too!

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Michelle said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time. I'm sure everything will turn out fine with Avery, but I'm sure it was scary to see your child like that!