Thursday, December 10, 2009


Our little two year old is exploding with words. A few things she says often these days are :

1. i lub (love) you
2. my do it myself
3. i watch Dora- swiper no swiping! she yells at the tv and when they say something twice, she will say I AM!
4. my walk- what she says anytime we enter a store, the last time i let her do this i chased her from one end of walmart to the other, i think she was mistaken and thought she was in a foot race...she was huffing and puffing literally, i am not exaggerating!
5. chusick (music) on! This was a really hard one to figure out...and it still takes me a couple of times to remember what she is hollering from the backseat. When we turn the music on she sometimes sings (in her own singing way) loudly with the music.
6. my Dora books (yes, she is quite obsessed with Dora right now) she must have her 5 dora books in bed with her. Thank goodness for Savers...every time i go there i find a Dora book to add to her collection!
7. so and so (insert sibling name) bugging me!
8. yi yi (a pen)
9. nanny (her very loved pink silky blankie)

She got the all clear at the Ent the other day. her ear tube "clog" was completely gone! The screaming that went along with the ear drops of hydrogen peroxide were worth it.They did a tympanogram just to make absolutely sure. We will not have to go back now for 6 months.

She is one busy little completely convinced the couch and beds in the house are trampolines made just for her...full of kisses...and can melt your heart...whenever she is not throwing a full-throttled temper tantrum!


John and Melanie said...

That's good she says "my", Hudson talks in the third person. So he says some of the same things Raegan does, except it is Hudson walk. It is actually pretty fun and Ella did the same thing talking in the third person.

Raegan is a cutie! That picture is really cute.

Barbie Wilson said...

What a DOLL! She is such a sweet, cute little girl :)