Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Maggie, Avery, Malia and Meryn
Meryn, Avery and Maggie
Raegan was busy talking great Grandma Tucker's ear off
Avery and Aunt Roberta
Ethan browsing the snack table
Brooklyn and Raegan post raiding the snack table
Johnny and the boys enjoying our new laptop computer...what you don't see in the picture is the 8 or 9 other laptops laying all around the living's laptop central, i tell ya!
Greg, Johnny, Susan and Brendon

I was on my way to church last night at 6:30 and was talking to Johnny on the phone and he decided to check with his work to see if it was possible to get his Thursday morning covered since he was to be off by 11 anyway. Bad weather was supposed to be starting and we really wanted to miss it. He made a quick call to work and called back saying he was off. After hearing about the weather in KC today...i'm glad we came down last night!

We dropped off the presents at church that we needed to and headed home to quickly pack and hit the road to Hutchinson. I packed in about an hour which is a miracle for me...i'm a list packer, not a throw it all together packer...but i threw it all together and we got on the road by about 9 pm.

All of my siblings besides my youngest brother are home and he (weather permitting) will be coming tomorrow. We had a very full house with lot's of rambunctious kids running around.

It has been a great day...we put some very tired kids into bed (i think raegan was asleep in two minutes) another fun day tomorrow...

Many, many more pictures to come...

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Paula said...

Looks like you guys are having lots of fun. Thank you again for Abigail's clips!! :)