Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Put in our place

This afternoon Johnny and i had a childish argument...i know you have them too...something that doesn't even really matter but you find a reason to argue about it. We try to not argue in front of the kids but sometimes it happens (gasp) . At dinner time as we were filling the kids bowls with chili working together but acting like the other didn't exist in the kitchen, taking frustrations out on the crackers we were smashing into the bowls... the kids were feeling the tension and i think we both knew it was time to give it up but i'll admit i was still holding my ground at being petty and stubborn.

As we sat down to eat the two oldest started shooting "why are you guys arguing?" "uum we could hear ya" " and then one of them said "no one is talking" (there is a lot of talking at the table normally) one of us said " we are talking" to which the kids replied "yea, but you are not talking to each other"!

That was all it took, i let it go, Johnny had already let it go...remember i was being the stubborn one...we can act like everything is normal but our kids see right through us...they know when we are upset at each other, they don't like it and i was reminded that everything we do, every way we act, our kids don't miss a beat...something i know but obviously just needed a swift kick in the pants reminder tonight.

And then after being put in our place...we enjoyed the rest of dinner. I like to blog about the good things in life, but let's face it life isn't always a bed of roses. Sometimes we are at each other's throats all day, sometimes the kids get on my very last nerve, sometimes there is non stop sibling rivalry that makes us want to pull ours and their hair out, sometimes there is financial stress, sometimes i think my hormones have gone off the deep end, sometimes there is just stress from trying to keep up with everything that goes along with raising a family in general...and i will blog about that too...cause that's real life...and if yours is all a bed of roses....either your lying or...can we move in next door?


Journaling My Journey said...

Thank you Lisa for posting such a blog. Appreciate your honesty. Seems healthy to me.

grammaneir said...

Good blog Elisa - you are so honest - I think it's neat that your kids will say something - kids love peace and love - don't we all.

The Smith World said...

Kids can always be counted on for the 'brutal truth'...we all have those moments!! We're all human-yet not all of us so honest of our shortcomings. I agree-quite healthy.