Monday, December 21, 2009

Exploring San Fran

I don't remember if i even have any pictures. I'm sure i do somewhere but where...who knows. Johnny had just turned 21 the month before. I was not even 21 yet...we had just gotten married and were setting out on a honey moon to a location we had randomly picked together. San Francisco!

We had a huge ordeal getting our rental vehicle due to our age even though it had all been okayed took a couple of hours...but we finally did get one.

It felt so weird driving through another city all on our own...
our first trip! We didn't even get lost, which amazed us both...i was the navigator and i got lost everywhere i went! I have since learned my directions...getting smart in my old age! We stayed in this awesome hotel and were told when we checked in that we had been upgraded to a suite...we had no idea why but were extremely excited! I found some pictures on the web of places we visited... this first was our downtown hotel...

We did an extreme amount of walking while there! We took a tour bus around the whole city and over the bridge. We visited Alcatrez Island and bought matching "dig, dash, dive t-shirts. We walked around Chinatown. We walked up and back down Lombard Street. We had a fabulous dinner and shopping at Pier 39. We walked on the beach and talked about our future life together. We rode the cable cars.

Such a fun, fun trip to celebrate starting our life out together. Such great memories! One of these days we will go back and visit San Fran, maybe on our 20th anniversary. We shall see.

So what part of the world did you honeymoon in? Fun to see the different locations that people choose, and why. As for us, like i said very random choice but for us was a great choice!


Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

For our honeymoon (honey trip as one of the little girls that I nannied at the time called it) we took an almost two week long road trip. We drove from our home state of Minnesota to Corpus Kristi, Texas then to Padre Islands. Then it was off to San Antonio, Texas for a couple days. On our way home we stopped in Nebraska to visit some relatives of my husband's. We had so much fun!

Tina... said...

Great story! We had the same prob on our honeymoon with the rental car....that's when you know we all married too young! :) We went to Maui for was great too. Of course...everything's great when you're twenty something and life is all about you. haha!

Val said...

I loved reading about your honeymoon! I'm such a romantic. Honeymoons are magical...young, in love, dreams about the future....I bet in San Fransico, you could hardly believe how beautiful and awesome Trey, Avery, Ethan, and Raegan would be!!!

Florida and the Bahamas. I love remembering it! Thanks for reminding me. =)

June said...

This just made me look our honeymoon hotel up on the internet. Man, I wish digital cameras were popular then. I hate that I don't have many pics of the first few years of our marriage.

We went to Los Cabos in Mexico to an all inclusive resort. Very Fun! We rode our mopeds on the beach and then afterwards read in the agreement we signed that you can go to jail for that. oops! That would have been a great start to our marriage.