Monday, December 28, 2009


Happy Monday! Do you have some major playing catch up to do like i do today? Wow, the house is filled with boxes of presents that need new homes in the bedrooms. Laundry is far from being caught up even though i stayed up til 1 am doing a few loads. Refrigerator is almost empty which means i'm going to have to make a grocery shopping trip with kids...and you all know how much i dislike those trips!

Taking Avery to the doctor this morning to get checked over after her fainting episode on Christmas day. We just would rather play it safe and have her seen...even if it was just a one- time thing, or maybe low blood sugar? It scared the daylights out of her momma...i'll tell you that!

So hope you are having a good Monday...i have lot's of pictures of Christmas...boy i have to get busy!

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Jen said...

I know just how you feel!!! Just when you think you can take a breather, you look around and realize it's back to the old grind! I did the dishes and said phoey on the rest today and went out and played in the snow with the kids for 3 hours. :) Ha-ha! Unfortunately, the mess was still there when I came back inside. You'd think after seeing itself clean so many times, it'd learn how to take care of itself. I wish we could train a house like we can train a dog or a child! :) ha-ha!