Thursday, December 17, 2009

Four, four and under

I'm watching a couple of our friends kids today. I have four kids today that are four and under! We even braved a preschool Christmas party. The kids thought the magic show at the party was "awesome". Ethan thought it was awesome that he got to go to preschool with his bud even if only for two hours.

I have the youngest two down for i just went in and caught sitting in her bed you can't guess which one that would be...since the baby is too young to undress herself i guess i will admit that one was mine...and as for the other one, she is crying and determined not to take a nap for me...little booger.

The two boys are outside chasing our kitten with their play guns...poor things going to be traumatized. They are getting along amazingly well today. They fight like brothers, but are best of buds most of the time!

Me, i'm looking forward to having an hour or two of shopping without children, without anyone, just by myself, when Johnny get's home. I have a Starbucks gift card that is calling me to use it tonight!!

Wait, is that quiet that i hear??....aww yes, the little booger just fell fast asleep...but the naked one is still talking. Oh no, of course i didn't leave her naked!
And her's a picture of the kitten chasers who have since i started this blog post come in with poop all over one of their shoes! The above picture is in their more innocent days. you know, before they ran around outside and got into poop!
I think i better go check on the little monsters cause it appears they are trying to chop down our bush out front...tudleloo...

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