Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I asked nicely

Yes, you saw me (if you read my post from last week) ask for no more monkeys and i used the word please, before you think i've lost my marbles completely...the monkeys are ear problems, we check for monkeys when we go to get Raegan's ears checked... whatever works...

For two nights after getting her tubes she was up in the middle of the night just like in the past with ear infections, but for the past few nights all has been good.

We went to her post-op appointment this morning and first ear-"looks great" second ear- "oh no, we got a clog" this happens to be the same ear that she had been holding saying it hurt those couple of nights...They explained it to me like this... that instead of the excess fluid that had been in her ears draining out after surgery like it should have, it balled up and hardened and is blocking the tube so that no fluid can drain, so she has a lot of fluid back there....wonderful! They took her to the "microscope" room which was really cool...they put drops in to try to loosen the clog (all the while we are watching on a tv screen the inside of her ear, i could see the tube and everything) then they had to vacuum the drops back out...did not work...tried using an instrument to "bump" the clog and possibly move it, did not work...Raegan is screaming bloody murder while two of us are holding her down this whole time!

With no success at budging it we now are to use hydrogen peroxide in her ear twice a day for the next two days and then start on 7 days of antibiotic drops....we got back Monday for them to check to see if we have had any success.

They warned me that on some kids the hydrogen peroxide can hurt pretty bad when put in, so i am waiting on daddy to try that the first time!

Pretty please, seriously...monkeys be gone!!

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Barbie Wilson said...

Awww, poor Raegan! I sure will be praying that her ear clears up soon. I had trouble with my ears when I was younger too. It's no fun.